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Thursday, October 10, 2019


I have always wanted to know how I can supplement my career with something on the side and with the help of my consultant, I am working on this new journey as a freelancer. I understand that it takes time to finally be financially free; to be in different places while being able to support my family.

The Journey Starts Today

This blog is the beginning of my learning experience and I want to share with you, my audience, everything that I have learned and will learn. Living in my Laptop truly helped paved the way and the recommendations that she has offered are very helpful. Let's start with what I have learned and what you should know as well.

Start Your Blog. Get Monetized

Due to some regulations with Adsense, the same company that pays YouTubers with Adsense revenue, I've learned that it works the same way with blogging. The need for a fancy domain is not required. Picking a niche is also not required but it will help boost your online presence. Your blog also has to be at least thirty days old and has to be very active during the waiting period. Living in my Laptop has helped me configured my website, is giving me thirty free articles that help boost my blog while teaching me about the niche and what I should turn to when I am branding myself.

If you are a business owner, such as myself, having a blog really helps bring in the traffic that you will need. Of course, promoting through friends and families is organic and can be very daunting, why not bring in the assistance of Google without having to pay for AdWords through the use of SEO and keyword search? This is something new that I am learning and very excited to know more!


This is a fear of mine. Will I ever make it as a freelancer? How will this help me in the long run? How can I get gigs if I know nothing about freelancing?

I will never know unless I give it a try and with the support of my consultant, I am feeling at ease with this decision. If you are interested in knowing more about the resources, do not forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.

This page is still in the works as I am learning to add the design in myself, too. Something that I am truly enjoying. Thank you so much for checking out my first blog and follow me on facebook


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